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A Standard Canada Pardon / Record Suspension is an order from the Parole Board of Canada that seals your criminal record, which makes it unavailable when doing any search of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) for background checks, police services, and border officials.  As well, your record can no longer be accessed by APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) a computer system used by US Customs airport officials.

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USA Waivers

It’s important an individual does not attempt to travel to the U.S with a criminal record unless they have acquired the proper U.S Entry Waiver.

Our Edmonton office specializes in USA Entry Waivers.  

It can be tempting to cross the border without one, and there’s a common myth that the border patrol often does not require personal I.D for most visits, but this is not truly the case.

Over the past few years, American border control has demanded identification for all travelers coming from Canada. Our Entry Waiver Service allows for persons with past criminal records to travel into the USA.

Pardons and File Destruction

A Canadian Pardon will Seal a CPIC criminal record and Police Records

A File Destruction will remove the criminal files from the CPIC system

Our Edmonton office specializes in Canadian Pardons and File Destruction Services all across Canada.  

Frequently Asked Questions

A Standard Canada Pardon / Record Suspension is an order issued by the Parole Board of Canada that seals your criminal record from CPIC (the Canadian Police Information Center’s) computer system, which will then not reveal that you have had a criminal record in the past, or have been granted a pardon, and makes your criminal record  unavailable when doing most types of background checks or to border officials.  Your criminal record can no longer be accessed by APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) a computer system used by US Customs airport officials. Once pardoned your criminal record information may still be seen by the arresting police detachment on their internal PIRS or PROS system, however such information is usually not accessed if nothing comes up on CPIC.

On or after March 13, 2012, the new waiting periods are: 5 years for all Summary convictions and 10 years for all Indictable convictions, starting after all dispositions have been served and completed.  If you have a Schedule 1 sexual conviction involving a minor, or if you have 3 or more Indictable convictions, each with a prison sentence of 2 years or more, you might not be eligible to receive a Pardon.

Normally all the information is removed from CPIC within 2 weeks after the Pardon is granted. This means by the time you receive your Pardon Certificate in the mail, the information on CPIC should have been removed.
Yes, we can process Pardon applications for Canadians living anywhere in the world, as long as the area receives mail and/or courier deliveries.
Unfortunately, the Parole Board is no longer providing priority Pardon / Record Suspension services for any reason, due to the extremely high volume of priority requests that have been received in the last few years. NOTE: Companies that still claim to have a Priority Pardon Service that assures a Pardon application will be completed and granted faster than normal, in our opinion, are committing fraud.

If you are found to be not of good conduct your application can be denied. No company provides refunds after an application has been completed and submitted to the PBC. Partial refunds may be reviewed  if an applicant is found not eligible to receive a Pardon during the application process and before the application is submitted to the Parole Board of Canada.

You can call our office and book an appointment to see our specialists, or fill out our secure online application form and submit it to us for processing start.

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